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Megasquirt / Microsquirt a KZ 21 Mar 2018 13:08 #780571

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Saablord wrote: Has anyone considered using the tach drive for cam timing? I'm guessing the gear reduction makes it unusable?

That's a very interesting idea. Does anyone know the gear ratio between the cam and the tach output?

I haven't looked into this at all, but my impression is that the cam sensor is primarily needed to figure out which coil is on the compression stroke, and which is on the exhaust stroke. Is that correct? It seems to me that it should be able to do all of the rest of the timing based on crank position. But again, I've never looked into how the microsquirt uses the crank and cam inputs.

If we were super lucky with the cam gear ratio, it's possible the wheel speed sensor from the Z1R could be used on the tach cable as a sensor. On the Z1R this sensor is in-line with the speedo cable, right under the speedometer. It contains a reed switch and disk magnet with multiple poles. I don't recall the number of pulses per rev, but I can figure it out (I have a few).

If that ratio is not correct, a similar sensor could be made with the correct number of pulses per rev. This seems much easier than trying to add a cam sensor into the head.
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Megasquirt / Microsquirt a KZ 03 Apr 2018 14:05 #781232

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Ok... I have been digging around the various pages on the mega/microsquirt site for info on the needed trigger signals on a 4-cylinder, I think this info is equally applicable for a 2-cyl

It appears that for a 4 cylinder with even firing intervals (every 180 degrees of crank rotation) a cam trigger wheel is NOT needed, a crank trigger with missing tooth will suffice. Basing this conclusion on this page (example setup #3) and some bits from other spots on their website Trigger Wheel Config

The cam wheel + crank wheel configuration is only required with odd firing inervals, like a v-twin or triple, and with applications requiring COP (coil-on plug); which I dont know an example of maybe some auto engines.

SO on a 4-cyl with even firing, a crank trigger with missing tooth can be used alone, with wasted spark configuration and batch fuel injection setup. The microsquirt cannot run 4 individual injectors AFAIK so 2 banks of 2 injectors each is how we setup for a 4-cyl . Along with using 2 coils, and 2 spark plugs tied to each coil.

These details are for what I consider a 'full install' which will include control of fuel and timing maps. A 'fuel only' install can be done by using the signals from the OEM timing system. To me its silly to do fuel only, the hard part will be the TB retrofitting, and plumbing the fuel lines/pump/regulator which has to be done regardless. From what I can tell right now, going from fuel only, to a full install only requires the addition of a trigger wheel/sensor and different coils.

I am doing a lot of reading off of links on this checklist page they have for an install, its equal parts helpful and confusing!
Microsquirt Quick Start Guide

I have sourced throttle bodies from a 2001 gsxr-600, with a fuel rail and injectors. The injectors from this bike are high-impedance (the good kind) and it looks like the throttle position sensor will be easy to wire up to the Microsquirt. The TB spacing with this rack is off but I think I will be trying to use flexible rubber boots to compensate for the offset rather than try to respace the TB rack. This TB setup came with a solid fuel rail which would have to be abandoned and replaced if the TB spacing changes. Im hoping some flexible boots between TB and intake tract will be easier than a new fuel rail. Removed the sub-throttle plates I do not want to have to deal with setting up idle-valve control looks like a potential headache.

Going to look at suitable trigger wheels and sensors next!
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Megasquirt / Microsquirt a KZ 06 Dec 2019 20:43 #815010

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I think I'll be switching to EFI when I finally build my 810 motor.

This is a plan so far based to the simple and cheap setup listed a couple pages back:
-Microsquirt v2 or Megasquirt v1
-1983 gpz1100 TBs
-16065-1135 carb boots
-250cc highZ injectors I have laying around from a 1.8L Corolla. Hopefully they fit.
-bosch 69238 (0 580 453 483) fuel pump 100lph, which is about twice as big as it needs to be but the controller below will take care of that
- pwm control board for pump .
-Stock vr sensors used as ignition type 1a . I will some how lock the stock ignition advancer in place
-probably ditching the stock ignitor for bip373 or MS drivers
-83 gpz TPS or a custom TPS
-thermistor somewhere on the head
-MS map sensor

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Megasquirt / Microsquirt a KZ 24 Apr 2020 22:55 #824210

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Hey Guys.... anybody on the forum still following this thread? I also am researching EFI for.my kz650/ 810cc turbo bike project and would like to get in contact with others who have done this or are currently working on.... specifically wondering wjat has been worked out as far as trigger wheel and sequential injection. I have Gpz1100 TBS and MS2 on hand. Thanks..
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.... and some various riff-raff.

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Megasquirt / Microsquirt a KZ 25 Apr 2020 07:49 #824237

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You're in luck?!

Im going down the same exact road. Started a thread kzrider.com/forum/11-projects/612980-kzefi-810-turbo-e85-build

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