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CSR1000 Project Build 12 Sep 2023 06:12 #889294

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So, I've pretty much given up on the finish for now. Fed up with it. Time to crack on with getting the sealer in. I took the tank into the shower to give it a degrease and a good wash,inside and out, in preparation for the sealer and of course the water started pissing out of it!! a big hole on the rear left hand corner and another one behind the right side frame mount.I got all the laminating gear out again and patched it up also laying some extra on the rear right hand corner and the other frame mount just to be sure. Another shower and all was well. No leaks.
 For shits and giggles,I put a strong LED light into the tank. Talk about starry night!! Loads of pin pricks of light.Very surprising. I guess this is why the sealer is so important.Another strange thing is that the inside of the tank is still wet. Its very warm here at the minute and the tank has been well drained. I was expecting it to dry out pretty quick.Dont know whats going on there. I do know that it needs to be totally dry before I put the sealer in so I'm going to have to wait another day or two for that.

 Anyway,as the weather has been so good, I decided to unwrap the bike and pull it around the back of the house to give it a good clean. I've been dreading this as the bike has been sitting for a year,maybe two and I was expecting some serious corrosion problems. The good news is that the bike is in pretty incredible condition. A good wash and a bit of polish and it came up really well.
Very happy and surprised about that. Of course the brakes were seized. I managed to free up the ZXR brakes on the front and give them a bit of a clean but the Gixer brake on the rear was dead. No pressure on it at all even after a lot of pumping. I took it off yesterday to have a good look and the seals are totally rotted away but for the rest it seems good. Maybe the problem is in the M.C. I'll look at that next.Very glad I fitted stainless pistons to all the brakes. No problems there,so, a bunch of money saved on them.
 As the bike was out and clean, I thought it would be rude not to pop the tank on and get an idea of how its going to look;
Not too bad, eh!  Though I have to say......I do prefer the old paint job to the carbon look. Even if the carbon is nicely finished its a bit...black! The paint has a bit of a zing to it.
 Ok. Thats it for now.
XT 600e
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