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Choke lever does nothing when closed. Pls read! 17 Sep 2023 21:46 #889484

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Hey everyone! So I rebuilt my carbs and an issue that I'm having is that when I move the choke lever to open the plates open but when I put the choke lever back the plates stay open. When I do it manually with my hand using just the little metal tab it bounces back but I noticed that the little pin that sticks out that's supposed to push and pull the tab is not making contact with the bottom of the tab so it opens the choke but doesn't close it.

What have I done wrong? I compared the set to another set of carbs that I have and the the routing seems to be the same. The only issue is the no contact between the tab and "pin". 

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Choke lever does nothing when closed. Pls read! 18 Sep 2023 04:53 #889491

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It would be a great help to readers if you would at least provide the exact year and model motorcycle you are asking about. A clear picture or two of the ,mechanism could also be very helpful. The more information we have, the better advice we can give.

Notice that just below these words is a text box with a list of motorcycles I own. That area is called the Signature. If you go to your profile, you can put the information about your motorcycle there, it will appear in every post you make, so readers can easily see which year and model is being discussed. 
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Choke lever does nothing when closed. Pls read! 18 Sep 2023 07:22 #889497

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Based on past posts, I assume we are talking about Keihin CV34's as installed on the early 750/4 model bikes.  Correct?

Assuming yes, the choke butterfly system is delicate, and requires careful alignment.  Did you ungang the carbs when you cleaned them?  Again, assuming yes, I recommend loosening up the choke butterfly plate screws a little, and playing with plate alignment while actuating the choke.  You may even need to loosen the carb body gang bar screws.  Play with alignment until the butterflies are opening and closing as they should, then very carefully tighten down all the screws.  When installing the butterfly screws it's important to use RED loctite, and consider upsetting the end of the screw with a pointy tool on some high leverage pliers as well.  This is to make sure those screws don't vibrate loose and get ingested by the engine.  Nothing good happens when that occurs.  

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