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TOPIC: ISO 1975 Z1 parts

ISO 1975 Z1 parts 24 Nov 2018 07:57 #794165

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I have it on good authority that the Timber of this thread has just turned toward a more pleasant register.
Thanks Folks!
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ISO 1975 Z1 parts 02 Dec 2018 09:36 #794488

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hardheadminer wrote: The point of contention is not whether you don't want repro parts or don't want to use ebay. All you are doing is deflecting, but it won't work. You don't want a repro tail light and I understand that."
No that is the point. If you understood that, then you never would have said anything. I'm not deflecting. I don't care about the parts in question. I don't want them. You brought it up. Even though you "understand" I don't even want them. waste of time. Someone searching the subject later on will now not know because of your comments. Unless of course you were to put your money where your mouth is.

"But don't make silly claims about it not fitting when you have no idea whether it will or won't. I said it would and I showed you that it would and how to be absolutely sure it would."
You just don't get it. You haven't showed anyone that it would fit. You are the one who claimed it will fit. prove it. I have valid doubts based on fitment of similar reproduction parts. I am not interested in wasting time or money, which is why I am looking for oem. Prove it or move on. I have no idea whether it will fit or not, and neither do you! you brought it up, you made the silly claim that they would fit without knowing. prove it.

I started this thread looking for parts and said the ones I am looking for. That is the only reason for this thread, not whatever crap you are trying to say.

"I have plenty of good parts but not ones I want to sell you" Then you should have never replied to this thread!

"I don't want to see good Z1 parts put on a KZ1000." it's a Z1 you idiot!! it looks like a kz because of the parts that I am trying to replace with original z1 parts!!! which is the reason for this whole thread!! not to mention the fenders and such are the same whether they are z1 or kz. Shaking my head. Learn to read. Get a life.

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ISO 1975 Z1 parts 06 Dec 2018 13:20 #794738

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I moved the thread back.
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