1978 KZ 750
Letter designation   B3
Color   Luminous dark green, Luminous dark red
Frame #   KZ750B-25701 - 033033
Engine #   KZ750BE025701 - 033074

Overall length

  2,150 mm, EU: 2,170 mm

Overall width

  855 mm, EU: 815 mm

Overall height

  1,195 mm, EU: 1,115
Wheelbase   1,450 mm
Road clearance   145 mm, EU: 155 mm
Dry weight   218 kg
Fuel tank capacity   14.5 l
Climbing ability   26°
Braking distance   12 m from 50 kph
Minimum turning radius   2.5 m
Type   4 stroke, DOHC, 2 cylinder, air cooled
Bore and stroke   78 mm x 78 mm
Displacement   745 cc
Compression ratio   8.5
Maximum horsepower   55 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Maximum torque   6.0 kg-m @ 3,000 rpm
Valve timing    





30° BTDC

50° ABDC






70° BBDC

30° ATDC


Carburetors   (2) Mikuni BS38
Lubrication system   Wet sump
Engine oil Type SAE 10W40, 10W50, 20W40, 20W50
  Capacity 4.0 l
Starting system   Electric starter and kick
Ignition system   Battery and coil (transistorized)
Cylinder numbering method    
Firing order    
Ignition timing   From 5° BTDC @ 1,500 rpm to 30° BTDC @ 3,750 rpm
Spark plugs   NGK B8ES or ND W24ES-U
Type   5 speed, constant mesh, return shift
Clutch   Multi-disc, wet
Gear ratio 1st 2.33
  2nd 1.63
  3rd 1.27
  4th 1.04
  5th 0.89
  6th -
Primary reduction ratio   2.48
Final reduction ratio   2.38
Overall drive ratio   5.23 @ top gear
Electrical equipment    
Alternator   Nippon Denso ACQI04
Regulator/rectifier   Nippon Denso ANSB02
Ignition coils   Nippon Denso AJPG36
Battery   Nippon Denchi GM14Z-3A, 12V 14AH
Starter motor   Mitsuba SM-224
Headlight Type Sealed beam, EU: Semi-sealed
  Bulb 12V 50/35W, EU: 12V 45/40W
Tail/brake light   12V 8/27W, EU: 12V 5/21W
City light   12V, 4W
Turn signal lights   12V, 23W, EU: 12V, 21W
Meter lights   12V, 3.4W
Indicator lights   12V, 3.4W
Horn   12V, 2.5A
Type   Tubular, double cradle
Steering angle   39° to either side
Castor   63.5°
Trail   105 mm
Tire size Front 3.25 - 19
  Rear 4.00 - 18
Suspension Front Telescopic fork
  Rear Swing arm
Suspension stroke Front 140 mm
  Rear 80 mm
Front fork oil Type SAE 10W20
  Capacity 171~180 cc
  Oil level  
Type Front Single disc
  Rear Single disc
Effective disc diameter Front 245 mm
  Rear 230 mm