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The Kawasaki Z1 - 1973-1975

This section of KZrider.com features the history, background, and spesifications of the different Kawasaki Z1 models. Use the links below to navigate.

1973_z1_orange.jpgModel year - much like the automotive industry, the motorcycle model year does NOT follow the calendar year. With the exception of the prototypes and very early production bikes, the Z1 production started in earnest in July 1972. The last of the 1973 Z1's was produced in July 1973. The first 2200 Z1's produced were considered 1972 bikes by the factory - although you will sometimes see an early Z1 advertised as a 1972 bike - being produced in 1972 just means is was one of the first 4,895� Z1's produced.

The largest number of Z1's produced in any one month was in November 1974.� A total of 3,660 bikes were produced by the factory in Japan - an average of over 120 bikes per day.

June 1976 saw the most KZ900's produced, 3,000 of these produced in Japan, another 1840 produced in Lincoln, Nebraska USA

The mighty Z1 was not cheap back in 1973 - the price was right around $2,000.00 in the USA. A little more than that in Canada.

Did you know all the Z1's sold in Canada came through the USA first? So they have the USA frame number sticker on the steering head.

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