Over the years, KZrider.com has relied on member contributions to cover hosting, software, and other administrative costs. For the most part, these contributions have been enough to keep us online. During the 6 years I have owned and administered this website, I've probably only had to cover a few hundred dollars myself (naturally not counting the 1000s of hours I've invested). I'm incredibly thankful for the support of the many KZr members out there who have helped keep our beloved community online for nearly a decade. However, my goal is now to make KZr completly self-supportive, and put the financial burden on the many vendors out there instead of on the KZr end users.

I realize that there is a potential here, and I want to take advantage of that. I've implemented two advertizing sections in the forums. These are currently filled with ads from Comission Junction (affiliate company), and don't really bring in much money. The plan is to offer these spaces directly to Kawasaki KZ (parts, services, etc) vendors. We already have a few "commercial members" here. Several of these members have asked me to provide a way for them to advertise on this site, without being tormented by me afterwards.

As you can see in the forums, there will be 4 spaces available, as well as an other 125px X 125px button where "the essentials" currently reside (random display of 1 out of 4 ads). A vendor may "puchase" one of these spaces for a monthly fee that I'm thinking should be in the $50-$75 area.

Lastly, I will implement a vendors forum, where paying vendors may post about their products and/or services.

I'm very interested in thoughts or comments from "our commercial members". I can be contacted directly by email: webmaster(at)kzrider(dot)com, or you may post comments or questions here if you like.