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CVK 30 carbs on Gpz550 A6 1989 08 Jul 2020 09:07 #830088

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I am after some advice. I have a late model A6 gpz550 which came with CVK30 carbs. I am Reasonably handy but this is only the 2nd set of carbs That I have worked on. Please feel free to patronise.

I have already bought an open Harris pipe and K and N pods (I want it to sound like the one I had 20 years ago). Dynojet don’t do a kit for this bike With these carbs so I bought a kit from 6sigma customised for the open pipe and pods. I have cleaned the carbs and fitted the kit Including new pilot/ mains but hit Problems with the needles/ retainers. Note my bike has the fixed non adjustable needles with a brass retainer. Before fitting the kit the needles had a bit of Side to side slop, presumably to allow self alignment in the emulsion tube. After lifting the needle with one shim (as part of 6 sigma kit) the needles are solid and the slider free movement is restricted. The bike starts but tick over is 6000rpm! These carbs have brass needle retainers and the sigma instructions say “the threaded needle retainer may need to be filed/ shaved by .050” but they don’t details how deep. Also the instructions don’t give specific advice on how many shims to fit. The kit came with 2 nylon shims and 4 metal So I just fitted the latter. I think the ki should have come with 4 nylon and 8 metal? I have been back to sigma For more info on shims and drilling out the retainer but didn’t get a propper response. Can anyone help with the following:
1. Has anyone else fitted this kit or otherwise modified the brass retainer to lift the stock needle? If so how deep did you drill the 0.050” clearance? Is Hand drill or machine shop precision needed?
2. Does anyone know how many shims should be fitted?
3. Allan’s performance here in the uk tell me that They cannot supply an adjustable needle for this carb. Is this correct? I’ve seen that Corey is using CVK32 carbs with a dynojet Stage 3 adjustable needle - would that work in my carbs with my set up?

Any Help/ input Is welcome ... apart from leave it stock, that was never going to happen and that ship has already sailed!

New main 120k
New pilot 40y

Thanks - Jim

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