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Hi folks… 15 Sep 2021 21:14 #855321

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I’m new here and thrilled to find so much info and know how. 

I recently picked up a 1983 750 Spectre - KZ750N2 with about 13500 on the odometer. It is my first bike in a long time and it’s great to have wheels under me and be riding again.
That said, this bike, like me, ain’t no spring chicken. Cosmetically, it’s in pretty good shape; stock seat is almost perfect, it has original tank and side covers with no dents and few chips, original black chrome pipes that were just a little rusty. It had a slightly bent aftermarket set of chrome bars on it that were a bit lower and less swept back than the stock buckhorns. I’ve now changed them out for a set of black TC Bros Trackers that rise even a little less but pull back a bit more and match the bike better. The air box has been swapped for pods though the carbs seem to have been jetted properly. It def looks nice but that concerns me a bit because although I’m handy with a wrench, I’m not experienced in carb tuning (yet). The engine covers, clutch and brake levers, and speedo showed some scraping, so I know it’s been down once or thrice. I’ve since replaced the levers and the chewed up grips.

Mechanically, it pulls! But I’m finding one little thing after the other that’s keeping me off the road. After riding for about 1500 miles, the clutch cable snapped at the lever. I’m thinking that it has to do with the change from the buckhorns to the lower bars. The PO used the existing clutch cable and let it loop high and I think that stressed it. I’m ditching the OEM cable for a custom one as I change to the new bars. But the new bars only rise about 4.5 inches and that doesn’t leave much (if any) room for the turn signals to squeeze in without them hitting the tank at the locks. Sooo… new turn signals, so I start to familiarize myself with the harness.  “Hmmm… I didn’t notice this bike tube zip tied over the harness before. Oh! Bare melting wires. Cool! This is gonna be fun”

Needless to say, I’m probably gonna need some help soon and I’m very happy to have found this group.

Ride safe,

1983 KZ750N2 Spectre

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Hi folks… 16 Sep 2021 06:35 #855328

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Welcome aboard! Getting to really know a nearly 40 year old bike can be quite an adventure. Groups of enthusiasts like those here at KZR have kept hundreds of these old air cooled bike from ending up in the scrap heap, and we are glad you are saving another.
1982 KZ1000 LTD parts donor
1981 KZ1000 LTD awaiting resurrection
2000 ZRX1100 not ridden enough

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Hi folks… 16 Sep 2021 07:09 #855331

  • howardhb
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Nice machine you have there!

Looking forward to seeing your progress! 

'81 GPz 550 D1 Click this link: kzrider.com/gallery/gallery-categories/k.../1981-gpz550-d1-9051
'82 Yamaha YB100 Fizzie

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Hi folks… 16 Sep 2021 09:11 #855342

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Welcome. We love pics...
As for the clutch cable, they don't last forever but they will provide long life if lubed correctly. I use Motion Pro and always carry a spare. 
North GA
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Hi folks… 17 Sep 2021 16:29 #855421

  • rstnick
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'78 KZ650 C2, 128K kms, Rickman fairing, Delkevic ex, EI, CVK32, ATK fork brace, steering damper, braced swingarm, 18" Z1R front wheel.
'00 ZRX1100, Ohlin's shocks, fork brace, steering damper, ELS +4, Corbin seat, Gimbel bugspoiler.
'11 Ninja 250R

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Hi folks… 17 Sep 2021 19:20 #855426

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1976 KZ 900 A4 kzrider.com/forum/11-projects/613548-1976-kz-900-a4
1976 KZ 900 B1 LTD
1978 KZ 1000 B2 LTD
1980 KZ 750 E1
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