Six Cylinder Coil Swap

After market coil replacement for 1981 KZ1300. This article is based on a series of posts I made on KZRider between June 18th 2005 and July 2nd 2005.

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Bike of the month - December 2005

ltdrider's 1976 KZ 900 LTD (B1)
This is ltdrider's 1976 KZ 900 LTD (B1). His bike is mostly original, and it has been repainted in original colors with acrylic urethane. As one of out members commented: "It looks like you just brought it from the dealer"... You can see a better picture and some member comments in the gallery.

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Making power with air.

Many of you have contemplated cutting out your old airbox, and sliding "pod" filters on. Others of you have heard horror stories about pod issues, and want to stay as far away from them as possible. I have an option that combines the added airflow of pods, while maintaining the stable airflow of the factory airbox.

Following is a frank discussion.

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Rusty Tanks.

One of the most common tasks associated with bringing an older bike back from the dead is figuring out how to deal with the varnish and rust, in the tank, left over from years of neglect. After cleaning many gas tanks, I've finally settled on this method as working best for me. I'm sure there will be refinements and improvements, of which I'll write more about as they evolve. Thanks for the interest.

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Fuse Box modification

This is a fuse installation modification I made to the electrical system on my KZ650.

When I purchased the bike, two of the fuses and clips wouldn't stay put in the fuse box, and were wrapped in electrical tape to keep them from shorting to anything.  The plastic in the fuse box had been melted by a previous electrical fault, so the fuses would not stay put, and the cover for the box wouldn't close.

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