About KZr

KZrider.com (KZr) is a community website for Kawasaki KZ/Z enthusiasts around the world, featuring articles, pictures, discussion forums, links, classifieds, and much more.
KZr relies on content being provided by the members. That means that in addition to sharing knowledge in the forums; the members are able to upload pictures and documents into a designated gallery and filebase, submit articles, buy & sell bikes and parts, and suggest links to kz related websites and part suppliers/mechanics/etc. There is also an event calendar where members can post gatherings and such.

kzrider, or Stein Arild Sandnes which is his real name, is a Kawasaki KZ enthusiast from Norway. Born in the late seventies, he quickly became very interested in football (or soccer as they call it in the States), and at the age of 2 he had already developed a notorious left-foot strike. Sadly, that was prety much all he ever brought to this fantastic sport, and the football career had to yield to other interests. One of these being motorcycles. He got his first KZ while studying (in lack of a better word) in the United States of America, and the rest is history...

In 2016 Stein turned the reigns for KZRider over to me, KZQ. I’ve been part of Stein’s moderation team since 2003, so I pretty much know the players here. My purpose has always been to foster this community by providing a place where we can all share and build our knowledge, experience and friendships.

A few years ago my good friend and long time fellow KZR moderator, Tony, passed away in an aviation accident. I still miss him and his sage advice. If you dig back far enough you can easily find his postings. You may notice that his status is “KZR Legend”, a better description, I couldn’t imagine.

I have been a long time KZ enthusiast having purchased my first Kawasaki, an H1 in 1973. In 1976 I traded the H1 in for a KZ900-A4, which I still have, though I don’t ride it very often as my attention seems fixed on my KZ1300. The 1300 is tall and not as well mannered as the 900 but I like it just the same.

Of Course, I couldn't run this place without the help of the rest of the Admin Team, all of whom are volunteers. In no particular order I'd like to acknowledge KZJoe900, StreetFighter LTD, Patton and SWest. Each of these folks bring different skills and styles to KZRider every day as they work to better our community.

I hope you find KZRider to be as helpful and fulfilling as it has been for me.

Thank You

KZQ aka Bill Rodgers.


Over the years, KZrider.com has relied on member contributions to cover hosting, software, and other administrative costs. For the most part, these contributions have been enough to keep us online. During the 6 years I have owned and administered this website, I've probably only had to cover a few hundred dollars myself (naturally not counting the 1000s of hours I've invested). I'm incredibly thankful for the support of the many KZr members out there who have helped keep our beloved community online for nearly a decade. However, my goal is now to make KZr completly self-supportive, and put the financial burden on the many vendors out there instead of on the KZr end users.

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10,000 members!

homer.jpgToday, we passed 10,000 worldwide members! I still remember celebrating our first 50 back in late 2002, and found this thread in the archives Cool.

It's also encouraging to see so many of the early KZr members still around. As I said 5 years ago: "Keep coming back guys!"

KZr Patches

KZr patch It seems the wait is finally over! With the exquisite help of Dave (dkmk), KZrider.com will soon have its own patch to offer our members. Dave has been in contact with quite a few companies that make patches, and has finally found a company that looks able to give us what we want.

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Archive is up

As many of you have noticed, the KZr archives got hacked a few days back. The little delinquent **** managed to screw up a whole lot, but I think I got everything back to normal now. The archive forum software has been updated to avoid future attacks.

If there's anything that still doesn't work like it should, I'd appreciate a quick message describing the problem, and I'll see if I can fix it.

The archives are now located at http://kzrider.com/archive and is available from the main menu (Forum->Archive)