Fuse Box modification

This is a fuse installation modification I made to the electrical system on my KZ650.

When I purchased the bike, two of the fuses and clips wouldn't stay put in the fuse box, and were wrapped in electrical tape to keep them from shorting to anything.  The plastic in the fuse box had been melted by a previous electrical fault, so the fuses would not stay put, and the cover for the box wouldn't close.

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Valve lash reset

So, you've been riding your bike a lot, but you've started to notice some odd things happening. It could be that your bike is backfiring, or popping out through the carbs. Or, you may be hearing valve clatter. Either occurrence means that it's time to check, and reset your valve clearance, also known as Valve Lash.

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Fork rebuilding, and why you should

Just what does the fork do? Even good roads aren't exactly smooth. All roads have bumps, ripples, grooves, and other irregularities. Since these can cause control problems, any vehicle needs a way to deal with them.

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