KZr Patches

KZr patch It seems the wait is finally over! With the exquisite help of Dave (dkmk), will soon have its own patch to offer our members. Dave has been in contact with quite a few companies that make patches, and has finally found a company that looks able to give us what we want.

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Archive is up

As many of you have noticed, the KZr archives got hacked a few days back. The little delinquent **** managed to screw up a whole lot, but I think I got everything back to normal now. The archive forum software has been updated to avoid future attacks.

If there's anything that still doesn't work like it should, I'd appreciate a quick message describing the problem, and I'll see if I can fix it.

The archives are now located at and is available from the main menu (Forum->Archive)

KZ / Z bike specs

I have started collecting the bike specs under the KZ information section ( So far I've only finished a few, but with your help, we'll eventually be able to provide technical spesifications for all the fabulous Kawasaki KZ / Z models.

Here's a spec template that you may download and fill out. Send it back to me by e-mail, and I'll see to it that it gets published. Please include any  stock photos you may have for your model(s).

I'm sure there are errors in some of the specs I've already published so far, so don't afraid to point them out. Our aim should be to get this as complete and correct as possible.

Model history

Currently working on collecting specs for all KZ / Z models. You can all help by sending me the original specs for your model.


Did you know that you can see what pictures a member has uploaded in the gallery by simply clicking on his userprofile?