Note the new classifieds component. A bit easier to use, and a whole lot more functionality. Should make for a great improvement

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The classifieds component we've been using has not been the best, and I've been looking for something better. The search has paid off and I'm now implementing a new one with some improvements that hopefully makes things easier for our members. New features include multiple image support, membername inculded in ad, and easier administration if your own ads through the menu bar. The old classifieds is now read-only and located in the Classifieds submenu.


Well, I'm writing this as I'm about to put the site back online... Have only tested in offline mode so far, so if there are serious errors I will get to it tomorrow... Too tired for anything right now, but I figured I had to "put the power back on" before I went to bed. Some addicts around here needs their daily fix...

So, a lot of changes, huh? I'm hoping it's for the better. Don't worry though. I'm not done quite yet. But the new framwork is set, and it allows a bit more flexibility in terms of structure and navigation. So don't be shy, bring out your guns, and fire away. I can take it. I don't mind criticism at all, as long as you add something remotely constructive to it. After all, you are the people that actually make KZr what it is.

Please keep in mind that I can't fulfill every request you may have, but we can compromise.

Oh, I almost forgot! The Gallery ad the events are under Members in the main tab menu. I need some comments on structuring the menu system...

Good night!


Please do not post links or references to auctions, newspapers, other websites, etc. in the classifieds section. It is there for members to sell their items, not to drive traffic elsewhere. Ads profiling items not being sold at will be removed.

If you want to discuss auctions and such, please use the chit chat forum. We might add a seperate forum for that purpose, but as long as people have trouble putting things in the correct forums with this few, I don't really see how breaking it up further would help.


FilebaseThe filebase is a very nice feature that allows members to share files. Imagine a huge repository containing bike specs, test articles, etc. Wouldn't that be a great addition to the KZriders around the world?

The way it works is pretty simple: There are as many categories as there are KZ models, and also one category for files not related to a spesific model. All the registered users of are able to upload their own files to the filebase by clicking the "Submit a new document" in the Filebase section. That will let you choose the file you want to upload from your computer, followed by a page to enter a document name and description. Nevermind all the options as they are there mostly for administrative purposes. Then hit the save button in the top right corner and your file is added.

There is a tutorial on this in the Articles section, but it's from an older version of the filebase so it might differ a bit from the current cersion. You should be able to get the basics though.